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5 tips that help against morning sickness, backspain an heartburn during pregnancies!

There are women who walk through the entire 10 months of pregnancy, not only trouble-free, but also totally energetic and gain only a few kilos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t”t one of these women. More can be found in this article.

By the end of my pregnancy, I was an expert on all the aches and pains typically associated with these 10 months. And of course, I want to share with you my best tips and experiences.

1.Nausea and flatulence in pregnancy

The best way to help is regular food. The nausea starts in most of the 6th week and ends with happiness after the 12th week. Reason is the pregnancy hormone HCG, which often decreases again after the 3rd month. I was especially lucky that I was sick until the 7th month. To anticipate, the only thing that really helped me was to pay attention to many small portions. If the stomach is empty for a long time you notice the pregnancy hormone even stronger, so it is always advisable to have something to nibble with you. Good work rusk, rolls or almonds.

Certain bitter substances such as arugula, grapefruit or artichoke also provide relief. Therefore, sometimes come the well-known idiosyncratic food cravings. The body intuitively knows what it needs. So listen in on yourself. Cumin-anise tea also brings some relief, especially if you have to fight even with flatulence. Ginger tea should also be good, but has not brought me so much. Here you have to be careful, because after the 3rd month, too much ginger can also cause contractions.

There are also special acupuncture wrist bands in the pharmacy. They are not very nice and under moms you get out very quickly as new pregnant women. Nevertheless, I always wore them again, because I was desperate. Leide did not notice any noticeable relief, but maybe it will help.

Vitamin B12 and B6 are also said to help against nausea in pregnancy. Since most pregnant women take a special vitamin preparation anyway, this is already covered.

Some swear by certain essential oils or suck on a slice of lemon. These things did not help me all.

2. Water retention and carpal tunnel syndrome

Support stockings, wrist protectors and water aerobics help here! Some women have no water retention, some only at the very end of the pregnancy and a few have the big draw from beginning to end water retention in the legs and joints. I was one of the lucky ones with the lot. Water in the legs not only does not look good (#Elephant legs), it can also hurt like hell. Especially if it also settles in the joints. I actually had water almost everywhere. Even in the face. I was not completely disfigured, but felt like once everywhere inflated with the air pump. Particularly annoying was the water in the wrists, which led to the fact that the nerve channels in the hands were narrowed and the hands especially at night constantly tingled and fell asleep. (Also known as capillary tunnel syndrome). Unfortunately, you should not take any dehydrating medication during pregnancy or drink corresponding herbal teas. Good are medical support stockings that can be prescribed and made by the doctor. Although they are particularly distressing to put on as pregnancy progresses, they help to keep the vessels from dilating even more. For the wrists you can get prescribed rails. Some also swear by wrist protectors, which are worn for example when rollerblading. The best relief was in my view, especially by water aerobics. On the one hand, it makes you feel wonderfully light in the water, and on the other hand, certain exercises in the water support the removal of water retention. I can only really recommend it to everyone, water aerobics is actually great for everything during pregnancy.

3. Back pain

Regular exercise, a Belly Belt and a good Dorn-and-Breuss Therapist help! Even prior to my pregnancy I had to deal with severe back pains. So I was kind of prepared that with the growing belly volume the back pain would get worse. But I also knew that you can get a good grip on back pain by  targeted exercise. That’s why I signed up for yoga classes and water aerobics early in my pregnancy. I also bought a big Petziball to do regular circular pelvic exercises at home. With relatively good results. The anticipated strong back pain did not materialize. From the seventh month on, I had a belly belt prescribed that would help with the weight of for my growing belly.

And when I developed blockages and stinging pains, I had another silver bullet in my hand: my Dorn-and-Breuss therapist, Petra Hornung. Many massage therapists and physiotherapists do not want to treat you during pregnancy, as the risk of contractions is simply too high. My therapist has an incredible amount of experience especially with pregnant women and knows exactly which nerves could cause the contractions. I do not know how often even before pregnancy and now after the pregnancy Petra has saved my life. Where all orthopedic surgeons have already surrendered and want to work with cortisone injections, Petra was able to get me completely pain free again in 1-2 sessions. Thanks to her, I actually survived the pregnancy without much pain in my back.

4. Heartburn

Left lying, eating yoghurt and bottled water and Gaviscon. I think almost every woman has heartburn at the end of the pregnancy. The stomach simply presses on the stomach contents and pushes the corrosive gastric juices back up. It is particularly bad when lying down. If possible, lie down on the left side. In most people, the stomach outlet is right. So if you are on the right side, the heartburn can get even stronger.

Many swear by milk or yoghurt, which is supposed to protect the esophagus from corrosive stomach acid. The same effect has good chewed almonds. But both did not give me so much relief. What did help is drinking some mineral water (Fachender Mineralwasser). I actually got this tip from a blog myself and just tried it out. And what can I say – it actually helped.  And if nothing works, go to the pharmacy and buy Gaviscon.

5. Mood swings

Phew I wish I had a hot tip for you here. My mood swings have often led to quarrels with my partner. If you don’t  feel so great anyway, an argument is the last thing you need. Well, I can only advise you to be nice to you and your body. Take enough Me time. Do not expect too much from your partner. He can not even guess what your body is going through right now and may not have the patience. Always remember what a miracle is actually happening. You are awesome!

If you’re in the middle of it, you can also moan a bit. But believe me in the retrospective you are just very thankful for what you have accomplished. The body is just a little miracle machine and rewards you with the greatest gift of your life. It really is like that. So even if you do not feel that way right now … it will pass, too. Just try to enjoy each of these special moments. They are probably the most important in your life.

All the best!


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