about me!

Hi there and welcome to Honey, Cream and Chocolate, a lifestyle blog about family, travels and all things in-between.

My name is Svea and my partner, Tony, and I live in Hamburg in an beautiful old apartment with our Baby Boy Charly.

The initial idea of creating a blog came when Charly was born. I had so many questions everyday and searched the internet for answers. No matter how well prepared you think you are…Babies don’t come with instructions and sooner or later you will sit in front of your crying Baby not knowing what the heck to do, frantically searching for tips. So I was really glad when I found other mothers with similar problems and some useful tips. Later we were planning our trip to Hawaii and again had tons of questions about travelling with Babies. With this Blog I want to document bits and pieces, ups and downs of this absolutely amazing and thoroughly exhausting adventure called motherhood,  hoping to help some young families with their questions and to inspire to travel  – with or without Babies.

I love to decorate, I believe I kiss better than I cook and I am passionate about traveling the world and capture special moments and places with my camera.

And why 

We wanted to create a name that embodies us as a family, is catchy and easy to remember. Tony’s ethnical background is half northern African, hence his nice chocolaty skin. I am a typical creamy blond caucasian, which makes Charly the honey; the perfect mix of both of us.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I’d love to hear from you!