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A changing table for small rooms

At the latest in the last trimester of his pregnancy, one begins to think about where to store all the great new stuff for the Baby. We live in a beautiful old apartment in one of the most beautiful areas in Hamburg. The only problem is that this apartment was ideal for two adults, for two adults plus child unfortunately not so much. Unfortunately, we have no extra room, which we could use as a nursery, and therefore we had to be creative. Looking for accommodation in Hamburg is not only frustrating but also expensive. This means that we had to apply all the tricks we could think of for our wonderful (yet too small) apartment.

One of the biggest issues was the question of where to put the changing table. The Babybay just fit into the bedroom, but a classic changing table would have blown up the room completely.

We have simply converted our Ikea Besta dresser and bought the changing table support from the Scandinavian brand Leander and placed it on the dresser. The mat is made of water-repellent pure-form foam and is therefore not only soft and comfortable, but also non-slip.

The lateral changing required some getting used to at first, but it is certainly safer. Due to this combination, the changing area was a bit higher than usual, which is also great for the back. We have installed a heat lamp and nice light so that the small changing table was a place to relax.

We changed Charlys’ diapers there until just before the age of one. By now he is, like all babies, so mobile that we can only change diapers on the floor. Another plus for the Leander Matty changing table top, because it is mobile and can be used anywhere – even on the go.

I just realize that all this sounds a lot like product advertising. But this post is not sponsored, but just a recommendation from a mom for other moms, who may also struggle to find the perfect place for a changing table.

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