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Hurray, 1 year! The first Birthday

Charly had his first birthday the other day.  Incredible, that it has been really a year since the little monkey conquered my heart by storm. And to stay with the storm metaphor, what followed after the birth can also be called a stormy time. Always in a field of tension that reaches from desperate exhaustion and delighted bliss. (My first year with baby you can find here.)

And there I ask myself, for whom I recently threw this giant birthday party! I baked and decorated, decorated and decorated the whole weekend and from the planned 10 guests we had 12 children and 16 adults over in the end. Charly found it all very exciting but of course he did not understand that the birthday party was actually his. We or, honestly, in the case I, really totally overdid it.

Gifts have been bought for the big day all year long. And it was forgotten that you already bought something. So on the actual birthday, we had a mountain gifts of which I was really ashamed. So it’s true. I am one of those exaggerated cougar mothers who has simply put your shopping addiction on the little one. Nobody, really NOBODY needs so many presents. Apart from the fact that Charly still does not understand it anyway and is more overwhelmed by it. Besides, no one wants to have a spoiled child. So we finally put away half of the gifts for Christmas and gave the rest to the uncles and grandmothers with the request to not get anything of their own. The good thing is, I do not have to get Christmas presents this year 🙂

Well, and the party that I think was more for us adults than for Charly. I think I’m just so damn glad that we have survived this first year well and we still live, laugh and love. Because the first year with a baby is really tough and is a real stress test for the relationship here and there.

We simply had to celebrate this with our fellow sufferers and lovers. It was a wonderful day! And the cake turned out incredibly great!

Next year, everything revolves around Charly – promised. With the educationally meaningful number of gifts and guests.

With love,





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