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Why second hand clothes for children is the better alternative

I think there is nothing sweeter in this world than children’s clothes. Every time I discover a new fantastic children’s shop, my pulse starts to race in excitement. These little mini things are incredibly cute and unfortunately often incredibly expensive. Seriously. There are T’shirts for toddlers that cost 45 euros. And I’m not talking about luxury like Burberry or anything. But nice wollen jumpers from organic brands also cost as much as 50 Euros. And then these wonderful things are often worn only a few times, because a) one has simply too many clothes anyway b) the little bellows just grow rapidly.

For my part, I started buying about 70% of all baby clothes secondhand.

Here are 5 reasons why used clothes for babies is the better alternative:

1. It’s good for your wallet. second hand Baby clothes are often in very good condition as they are rarely worn and often cost only 1/3 of their original price.

2. It is good for the environment. Buying a second hand is just a lot more sustainable. We all have far too many clothes anyway. Giving Baby clothes a second, third or fourth life after the kids outgrew them is good, really good for the environment.

3. Many garments are dyed or treated by chemical means when bought new. Actually you should wash them at least 3-4 times before you let them be worn by your kids. The used clothes have already been washed so often that certainly no harmful substances are left in the fibers.

4. For your own conscience. It just feels good to know that you put the clothes back in circulation and make another baby and/or parent happy.

5. The circle closes when you sell the worn clothes again. If you buy new, you get at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the purchase price back. If you put clothes back in the sale that you bought second hand, you can sometimes even sell them for the same price. Provided the garments are still in perfect condition.

In my experience it makes a big difference where you buy and sell your Baby clothes. Fleamarkets are great because you can often buy and sell large quantities in one go. I like to go to flea markets because I like the atmosphere. You also have a much greater chance of real bargains. But when you sell yourself, you often do not get as much for your stuff as on online platforms.

Online platforms such as Ebay Kleinanzeigen and Mamikreisel are particularly suitable forthe targeted shopping and for the sale of Baby clothes. However, one should not underestimate the time required for selling on such platforms. You have to nicely photograph, describe each item and put them online. That takes a lot time. And so does answering questions and shipping individual items. But who does not shy away from the effort has real chances to sell his clothes for a good price. More tips on how to successfully sell your baby clothes on Ebay Kleinanzeigen and Mamikreisel can be found here.

All the best!

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