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Nausea, Backpain and Heartburn during pregnancies

I do not know about you but I have always imagined being pregnant is totally romantic. Of course I have heard of the initial morning sickness and also that at the end of the pregnancy you are glad to get rid of the stomach. But in between, so I thought, it will be the most beautiful time of my life, because after all, you are creating a new life.

And speaking of naive ideas, I imagined myself as one of these women who only gain a few kilos, being fit and healthy and exercise until the very end. #Fitmom!


To make it short, none of this came true. From week 10th onwards I was permanently tired (and I do not mean a bit tired, but completely exhausted). On top of that, I constantly felt nauseous. I wonder why it is generally called morning sickness as for me it was more morning, midday and evening sickness. And I was gassy. That was especially pleasant in intimate situations or when you sat in the meeting for a long time 🙂


There was nothing romantic about it at all.


The nausea got better sometime around the 5th month. But instead I got water retentions (#elefantlegs), back pain, mood swings, hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling in your hands, because the water in the wrists depresses the nerve tunnel) and heartburn.

In the end I gained over 26 kilos. I felt like a huge elephant and wanted to only lie in the water, because there you only weight 10% of your actual weight. You can also find more about water aerobics during pregnancy in the list of the 10 things to organize when you’re pregnant.

In retrospective, I am a little milder to all the aches because what you get for it – the best baby in the world – is of course worth al the pains. But if you’re in the middle of it, you allowed to complain like I did. It can be bloody exhausting creating a new life! Unfortunately most of the medicines are taboo, which does not make it any easier.

Since from my point of you then I had a lot of reasons to complain, I tried lot to find relief from my aches and pains. I have prepared a list of things that REALLY helped with nausea, backpain and heartburn etc.

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