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How to boost your online sales of your Baby clothes!

I have a big weakness for cute baby clothes and thus always tend to have too much of these cute little outfits. And since this weakness would sooner or later throw me into financial ruin (unbelievable what one can spend on these mini-clothes), I had to think of something. Either drastically buy less clothes (sigh), or sell the used baby clothes as good as possible.

Initially, sales were sluggish. But gradually discovered what works well and what does not. Meanwhile, I hardly spend any more on clothes today than I sell.

Here are my best tips on how to resell your used baby clothes online for the best price.

1) Take good pictures! this is so important. If the clothes are well staged and well lit, they sell much better. If possible, the garment should not be wrinkled and photographed from multiple perspectives. Top down photos are best in my opinion.

2) Generate recognition. If you want people to follow or to rummage through your other stuff, it makes sense to create recognition in every ad. For example, I always shoot on the same surface and always use the same decorative element in the picture.

3) Sell in sets. Complete outfits as sets are always more attractive than individual parts and sell much better.

4) Use descriptions and hashtags. Take your time and write something about the product. Are there special features, was it a favorite piece, is the condition excellent etc.  Also use 3-4 hashtags. Think about how and what you would look for. Is the brand important, the garment may have different names (trousers, jogging pants, harem pants, etc), there are other features, etc. My recognition is, for example, an Aloha lettering made of wood, what you see in every picture. Therefore, I always use #aloha.

5) Offers payment via Paypal. This not only makes your life easier, but is also by far the most popular form of payment. You do not have to wait days for bank transfers, as transactions are immediately visible. Mamikreisel uses its own payment system, which means additional costs for the buyer. I think the system is not bad, but most buyers just want to avoid these fees.

6) Offer alternative shipment. “Warenversand” is a form of shipment that is not insured and takes longer. But it saves the buyer money. However, I would not offer it proactively because insured shipment is always better (what if the buyer says he never got the goods). When asked, simply say that the risk lies with the buyer. Then he can decide accordingly. This always worked for me.

7) Volume discount is popular. I  usually give between 10 and 20% discount if people buy more than 3 pieces. I actively advertise it.  This is very attractive for many people and boosts sales.

8) Answer questions. I often experience that sellers do not or only reluctantly answer questions. I can understand that it costs a lot of effort, but if you want to sell your clothes, you should engage.  There are simply too many alternatives. So be nice to each other! Then the chances for a new sale increase.

9) Make sure the goods are in good condition. Check again beforehand, if there is not a small spot or a hole. Always indicate small defects. Honesty always lasts the longest.

10) Offer bargains every now and then. Clothes with small imperfections are great as a bargain.

11) Put your pieces online on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Since people then have the most time to browse the Internet.

12) Use the 3-day push feature, ideally on a Friday. This may cost a bit on Ebay Kleinanzeigen and Mamikreisel, but pays off totally.

13) Use both, Ebay Kleinanzeigen AND Mamikreisel, if you are really serious. That increases the sales enormously. But tit is also very time consuming. I personally only use both platforms if the piece is s really high quality.

14) Used clothes have a higher return on investment than new clothes. This means nothing more than making more money when you buy and sell second hand clothes. I now buy about 85% of all baby clothes second hand. If they have hardly been strained, you can sell them again for a similar price. It works particularly well if you buy cheap at flea markets and later sell online. Not only is that’s why I’m a big fan of second hand fashion. This cycle als really good for the environment.

15) Have a small postoffice at home. I always have a small arsenal of envelopes, parcels, packages and stamps at home, so I do not have to go to the post office every time. This saves a lot of time.

If you’ve made it this far (respect!), You’ve already noticed that successful online selling of baby clothes is not self-perpetuating. There are just a lot of providers and you just have to stand out somehow. It might cost some efforts, but is also much more lucrative if done properly. I hope that my tips will help you and maybe motivate you to buy more second hand.


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